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The Making of Monsters

35 min.
Year of Production:
Lee MacDougall
Ray Kahnert
Taborah Johnson
David Gardner
Stewart Arnott
Clare Coulter
Production Company:
Canadian Film Centre
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Short Film

In 1985, gay teacher Kenneth Zellers was murdered by five teenage boys in High Park, Toronto. In his experimental musical, John Greyson, enfant terrible of Canadian cinema, undertakes a comprehensive, activist’s analysis of the case. Employing Brecht’s strategies of defamiliarisation and an exuberant dose of provocation, Greyson reconstructs both the course of events and the media hype surrounding them in the form of a fictitious documentary that chronicles the making of a film about the murder. This, in turn, is subverted by his use of a number of different styles – including elements of news reports, staged drama, archive footage and music video sequences. The result is a radical, multi-layered study of homophobia that cuts through the thicket of white heteronormativity with bitterly ironic flair. Bertolt Brecht himself appears as a director in the guise of a fish, while dancers in jockstraps with ice hockey sticks and goaltender masks ignite a firework of queer joie de vivre, full of anger and self-determined charisma.

BIOGRAFIE John Greyson

John Greyson was born in Nelson BC, grew up in London Ontario, and has lived in Toronto (more or less) since 1978. Instead of film or art school, he joined Toronto's film and video production co-ops (Charles St. Video, Trinity Square Video, LIFT) and started making activist and experiemental videos, working with diverse collaborators (Colin Campbell, Richard Fung, Michael Balser, David McIntosh, Lisa Steele, Clive Robertson). He attended the Canadian Film Centre in 1990, and has taught at California Institute of the Arts (1986-89) and York University Film Department (2005-present).

His shorts, features and installations include: Fig Trees (2009, Best Documentary Teddy, Berlin FIlm Festival; Best Canadian Feature, Inside Out Festival); Proteus (2003, Best FIlm, Diversity Award, Barcelona Film Festival; Best Actor, Sithenghi Film Festival); The Law of Enclosures (2000, Best Actor Genie); Lilies (1996 - Best Film Genie, Best Film at festivals in Montreal, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, San Francisco); Un©ut (1997, Honourable Mention, Berlin Film Festival); Zero Patience (1993 - Best Canadian Film, Sudbury Film Festival); The Making of Monsters (1991 - Best Canadian Short, Toronto Film Festival, Best Short Film Teddy - Berlin Film Festival); and Urinal (1988 - Best Feature Teddy, Berlin Film Festival). He co-edited Queer Looks, a critical anthology on gay/lesbian film & video (Routledge, 1993), is the author of Urinal and Other Stories (Power Plant/Art Metropole, 1993), and has published essays and artists pieces in Alphabet City, Public, FUSE, and twelve critical anthologies. He was awarded the Toronto Arts Award for Film/Video, 2000, the Bell Canada Video Art Award in 2007, the Arts & Culture Pride Award, 2009, and the 1st annual Alanis Obomsawin Award for Commitment to Community and Resistance, Cinema Politica, 2011.

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