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Yulia & Juliet

12 min.
Year of Production:
Sara Luna Zoric
Dylan Jongejans
Production Company:
Lemming Film BV
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Short Film

Screening at the Festival:

09. 02. 19CinemaxX 315:30
10. 02. 19CinemaxX 321:30
14. 02. 19CinemaxX 309:30
14. 02. 19Hebbel am Ufer 14:00
15. 02. 19CinemaxX 114:30
16. 02. 19CinemaxX 312:00

At first it seems like Yulia and Juliet are meeting in the school corridor, but then we notice the ventilation grilles in the image, through which the two lovers have to talk to each other. Yulia and Juliet are in prison. Worse still, Juliet will soon be released. But what will happen to Yulia? The emotionally charged drame takes a radical and brave turn. Zara Dwinger once again tells a brief, intense story about self-determined female protagonists.

FILMOGRAFIE Zara Dwinger (selection)

2018 Yulia & Juliet 

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