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Les Temoins

115 min.
Year of Production:
Michel Blanc
Emmanuelle Béart
Sami Bouajila
Julie Depardieu
Johan Libereau
Constance Dollé
Alain Cauchi
Lorenzo Balducci
Raphaëline Goupilleau
Michèle Moretti
Bertrand Soulier
Jacques Nolot
Xavier Beauvois
Production Company:
SBS Films
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

Manu is 20 years old when he arrives in Paris to look for a job. Initially, he moves in with his sister, Julie, who rents a room in a sleazy hotel. Julie's life revolves around music. She is training to be an opera singer and tries hard to partition herself off from her ebullient brother. Manu is a night bird. One night he meets Adrien, an extrovert and cultivated gay doctor in his early 50s with whom he strikes up a carefree, platonic friendship. Adrien soon introduces Manu to his circle of friends. Shortly afterwards, Adrien takes Manu for a boat trip on the Mediterranean with a young married couple: Mehdi, who is a cop, and Sarah, a writer. The recent birth of their first child seems only to have made this unconventional couple even happier together, but appearances are deceptive. For Mehdi, the zealous police inspector, paternity has magnified his tyrannical side and this leads to excessive behaviour both at work and in his sex-life. Meanwhile, Sarah is unable to come to terms with being a mother, feeling that it encroaches on her identity as a woman. Unable to bond with her baby, she immerses herself in her writing in a desperate quest for inspiration. Manu's arrival in Paris and his intrusion into Julie, Adrien, Mehdi and Sarah's lives creates shockwaves in all their relationships. Unintentionally and unknowingly, Manu forces them confront their true desires. 

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BIOGRAFIE André Téchiné

Born in Valence d’Agen, France in 1943, he wrote for the film magazine ‘Cahiers du Cinéma’ between 1964 and 1967 and then became assistant director to Jacques Rivette. He first began directing in Parisian theatre before becoming a screenwriter and film director at the beginning of the 1970s. His greatest successes include MA SAISON PRÉFERÉE (MY FAVORITE SEASON) and his multi-award- winning drama LES ROSEAUX SAUVAGES (WILD REEDS). He was most recently in the Berlinale Competition in 2007 with LES TÉMOINS (THE WITNESSES).

FILMOGRAFIE André Téchiné (selection)

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