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Legenda o suramskoj kreposti

87 min.
Year of Production:
Weriko Andschaparidse
David "Dodo" Abaschidse
Sofiko Tschiaureli
Production Company:
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Essay Film

Sergej Paradjanov recounts an old Georgian legend with his imaginative fantasy. The legend is about a fortress on the border whose walls are penetrated again and again. A fortune teller prophesies that a young warrior must be walled into the fortress to make it impenetrable. The fortune teller is the former love of a peasant who is freed by his lord and looses his wife. His son takes the prophesy upon himself, sacrifices himself and becomes a folk hero.

“I am the only Soviet director that was imprisoned by three different regimes, under Stalin, under Brezhnev and under Andropov,« says the Armenian-Georgian Filmmaker Paradjanov.

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FILMOGRAFIE Sergej (Sergei) Paradjanov (Parajanov, Paradzhanov) (selection)

1994 Parajanov - Ein Requiem  1984/85 Legenda o suramskoj kreposti 

FILMOGRAFIE David "Dodo" Abaschidse (selection)

1984/85 Legenda o suramskoj kreposti 

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