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Lose your Head

107 min.
Year of Production:
Fernando Tielve
Marko Mandic
Sesede Terziyan
Stavros Yagulis
Samia Chancrin
Production Company:
mutter-film prod. ug & co. kg
Berlinale Section:

Luis leaves his partner and flies to Berlin from Spain for a weekend of lighthearted partying, experimenting with drugs and casual physical encounters. He meets Viktor, a mysterious man who holds a fascinating, disconcerting attraction. Struggling with his inhibitions about being overpowered by a stranger, Luis submits to Viktor with a trusting passion. Shortly afterwards, Luis is confused with a missing Greek named Dimitri who is being desperately sought by his sister and cousin. Although Dimitri is Viktor’s ex-partner, Viktor has no explanation for his disappearance. Plagued by nagging suspicions, Luis nonetheless becomes further entangled in Viktor’s capricious and powerful aura of control and submission. This draws him into a quagmire of mysterious signs and dangers where soon even reality itself begins to seem like an illusion.Heavy, trance-like images of a multinational, sleepless Berlin create an electrifying, feverish day dream-cum-trip which evokes insatiable desires.

BIOGRAFIE Stefan Westerwelle

Stefan Westerwelle was born in Detmold in Germany in 1980 and studied film and television at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. He has worked as a freelance screenwriter and director since 2006. His film SOLANGE DU HIER BIST screened at Locarno in 2006 and DETLEF screened at the Berlinale Panorama in 2012.

FILMOGRAFIE Stefan Westerwelle (selection)

2013 Lose your Head  2012 Detlef  2006 Solange Du Hier Bist 

BIOGRAFIE Patrick Schuckmann

Born in Bielefeld in Germany in 1968, he has been working for 15 years on various TV series as format developer, storyliner, script editor and dialogue writer. Alongside this, he has written theatre plays which have been performed in Berlin, Hanover, Zurich and Bern. He founded the production company Mutter-Film in 2012 with his brother Michael and filmed his own screenplay LOOSE YOUR HEAD.

FILMOGRAFIE Patrick Schuckmann (selection)

2013 Lose your Head  2004 Make My Day  2001 Rave 

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