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Bixa Travesty

75.0 min.
Year of Production:
Production Company:
Valvula Produções / PaleoTV Produçoes
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Documentary Film

Linn da Quebrada is a black transwoman from impoverished periurban São Paulo; she is also a pop performer who raises her voice for queers of colour from the favelas. Accompanied by her childhood friend and partner in crime, black transwoman and singer Jup do Bairro, her concerts are nothing short of dazzling. Aided by exorbitant costumes and plenty of twerking, her performances are onslaughts of electro against Brazil’s white heteronormative gender order and the machismo of the country’s funk scene.

Private moments reveal her gentler side: as she showers with friends or cooks with her mother the talk turns to love, racism and poverty. Archive footage in the shape of home videos shows her in intimate performances at a hospital during her own cancer treatment. We begin to realise that Linn uses radical nudity as a means to undermine accepted gender roles. This documentary also shows her in dramatised radio interviews in which she powerfully espouses her convictions about feminism and her transsexuality: not for Linn the role of a cis woman; she’d rather be a woman with a penis whose gender identity is not bound by her genitalia but is in a permanent state of flux.

FILMOGRAFIE Claudia Priscilla (selection)

2018 Bixa Travesty   2011 Olhe pra mim de novo  2005 Sexo e Claustro 

FILMOGRAFIE Kiko Goifman (selection)

2018 Bixa Travesty   2011 Olhe pra mim de novo  2006 Atos dos Homens 

Interview with Linn da Quebrada
Interview with Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman

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