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Engl. Title: Tomcat

Andreas and Stefan live a blissful existence together with their tomcat, Moses. They inhabit a beautiful old house in the vineyards near Vienna and work in the same orchestra as manager and musician. Their passion for music, their large circle of friends and colleagues and their furry companion define the daily lives of the two men. But one morning an unexpected outburst of violence from Stefan shakes their harmonious relationship to its core. From this moment on, scepticism and alienation define [...]



Engl. Title: Feline Masquerade

Stories of women who love women: their relationships and international networks, their search for identity and their – often secret – meeting places. Five women in Switzerland from different generations look back on their lives. A collage of personal memoirs and historical events, anecdotes and documentary material that wryly illuminates the particular atmosphere of each period and provides a subtly differentiated picture of ‘otherness’. Cosmopolitan Johanna Berends, chronicler [...]


Keep The Lights On

Manhattan in 1998. A semi-clad man lies on a bed dialling different phone numbers until he finds a suitable date for sex. When Erik first meets his date Paul the encounter unleashes a passion that at first appears to have no future. Nonetheless, two years later, the two men are sharing an apartment and their lives. Erik is a documentary filmmaker and Paul is an attorney who works regular hours. But the closeted, emotionally unstable Paul is prone to overdoing things. In between conversations, [...]



Twenty-five years after Paris is Burning, the 1991 Teddy Award-winning film that brought Berlinale audiences closer to New York’s ballroom scene, Kiki provides an insight into the world of today’s young black LGBT community, by taking a look at the balls where participants of voguing competitions compete for trophies, and by listening to proponents talking about their dreams and their lives. In contrast to the time when Paris is Burning was made, these balls are no longer born of a [...]



On January 5, 1948, American culture changed profoundly. On this day, Alfred Kinsey’s “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” was published by W.B. Sanders, a company specializing in medicine. In a way, this also marked the day on which America began to talk about sex. At the time, Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) was dubbed the “American Freud” and compared to the philosophers of the Enlightenment, such as Galileo and Darwin. Kinsey was a controversial figure even in those [...]


Kirschblüten - Hanami

Engl. Title: Cherry Blossoms - Hanami

A story of selfless love that is also a poetic journey into the meaning of life itself. Trudi is the only one who knows that her husband is terminally ill with cancer. When his doctor suggests that the couple undertake one last trip together, Trudi persuades her husband to accompany her to visit her children and grandchildren in Berlin. However, the members of their family are far too wrapped up in their own lives to be able to take care of the couple. After a theatre trip to see a Butoh dance [...]



Engl. Title: Acid

Stark naked, Vanya jumps to his death off a balcony. ‘If you want to jump, jump,’ Pete had told him. Before: a flooded apartment, a toilet in the middle of the room, paranoia. Moby’s ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’ on in the background. Kislota (Acid), the stylish directorial debut of 26-year-old Russian actor Alexander Gorchilin, begins like a trip and breathlessly continues: Vanya’s funeral is followed by clubbing, drugs and the artist Vasilisk, who asks [...]


Knives and Skin

‘What is your problem?’ – ‘I don't like it when you do that.’ – ‘Do what?’ – ‘Touch me.’ A small town somewhere in the Midwestern US. For the local teens, high school life would not be complete without football team, marching band, cheerleaders and mascot. The adults are preoccupied with desire, midlife crises and marital problems. The disappearance of the schoolgirl Carolyn Harper rends the facade of normality for the [...]


Koi ni itaru yamai

Engl. Title: The End of Puberty

Schoolgirl Tsubara is oddly obsessed with her biology teacher Madoka. While the rest of the class responds to their instructor’s lack of authority with clamour and inattention, she hangs on his every word, filling her notebook with sketches and observations to record his quirks and peculiarities. One day, she finally takes the plunge and pounces on Madoka in his office, which results in the two of them inexplicably exchanging their sexual organs. They head to the country to hide, but are [...]



Engl. Title: The Comet

  The sea. High waves. Dark water. A border fence, two men in hiding. Their flight begins. Only one of them will reach Sweden.  One of the men is played by Abdi Aziis, who himself has fled from Somalia to Sweden in order to escape the oppression and persecution of gay men. “He is our comet” explains director Victor Lindgren, who, in merely a few selected situations, manages to convey the exertions, the deep abyss, the arrival and the loneliness of those who flee. Both [...]



Engl. Title: Flatmates

Two friends, Björn and Hampus, decide to move in together. If one ignores the fact that the two men are completely different, theirs is a close relationship. Being in love with your best friend and, in spite of this, or because of it, arguing to the point where it becomes unbearable – is the subject of this film.

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König des Comics

Engl. Title: King of Comics

Humour, irony and razor sharp observation are his liberating weapons against bigoted prejudice, and gay life, gay clichés, male sensibilities, desires and frustrations, urban neuroses, forays into antiquity and the influence of religion on society are the topics that Ralf König, Gemany’s best-known comic illustrator alongside Moers and Brösel, has called his own. The documentary KING OF COMICS pays tribute to an artist at the height of his creativity. König’s [...]



Engl. Title: The Crown Jewels

Fragancia has apparently shot and killed Richard, an industrialist’s son. But what really happened? Ever since they were born on the same day in a small Swedish town, their lives have been inexorably entwined. As a child, Richard is at the mercy of his powerful, tyrannical father, who is determined that his son become a top ice hockey player. Fragancia comes from a poor background. She takes care of her disabled brother and worries about her father, a failed inventor in search of his fortune. [...]


Kujira no machi

Engl. Title: The Town of Whales

Machi, Tomohiko and Hotaru attend the same high school. Machi misses her older brother, who disappeared six years earlier. The trio takes up his trail, which leads them first to Tokyo and then across the sea.Together, these two girls and a boy comprise a fragile love triangle. It is a game of attraction and boundary setting, of closeness and distance. The three of them are atan age marked by profound insecurity and a constant desire to search, as well as by curiosity and the spirit of discovery. [...]



When Ayse celebrates her wedding almost everyone in her Turkish village believes her to have married Hassan who is just a few years her senior. But in fact, she is sent to Vienna as Hassan’s father Ahmet’s second wife. She arrives in Austria and receives a mixed welcome from her new family. At first, Ahmet’s children, some of whom are older than Ayse, turn their back on the girl. Only Fatma, Ahmet’s wife of many years who is now dying of cancer, seems genuinely pleased: [...]


Kumu Hina

Engl. Title: A Place in the Middle

She feels more like a boy than even most boys. This documentary follows eleven-year-old Hawaiian girl Ho’onani who dreams of leading her school’s traditional hula group. Hula is a mixture of dance and theatrical performance that is central to the culture of the Hawaiian people and requires a lot of practice. Here too, Ho’onani would like to dance on the boys’ side. Normally she wouldn't be allowed to do so but Ho’onani is fortunate to have as her [...]