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Nasty Baby

100 min.
Year of Production:
Kristen Wiig
Sebastián Silva
Production Company:
Fabula 777-0057 Santiago
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

Freddy is an artist whose desire for a baby has become something of an obsession. He surrounds
himself with photographs of his childhood and is working feverishly on a fresh piece about new-borns.
He and his partner Mo have even managed to persuade their best friend Polly to have their baby.
However, after numerous failed attempts to conceive, this proves to be more difficult than they first
envisaged. Freddy’s planned video installation also turns out to be rather more complicated than
he thought. And then, when the ‘Bishop’, their rather deranged neighbour, begins tormenting them
with his serious chicanery, their hitherto carefree existence starts to go dangerously awry. A series
of surprising events bring their frustrations to a head and before long, Freddy and his friends begin
to lose their grip on reality.Sebastiàn Silva’s savagely satirical film is an angry portrait of a group of
presumptuous and self-absorbed bohemians. The director himself plays the role of Freddy, infusing
his performance with the complacency, doggedness, ignorance and egomania of a social circle which
is in the process of becoming estranged from their original visions and dreams.

FILMOGRAFIE Sebastián Silva (selection)

2014 Nasty Baby 

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