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Lidérc úr

19.0 min.
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Berlinale Section:
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Short Film

Screening at the Festival:

08. 02. 19CinemaxX 516:00
10. 02. 19CinemaxX 321:30
12. 02. 19CinemaxX 321:30
13. 02. 19Zoo Palast 315:00
14. 02. 19Hebbel am Ufer 14:00
14. 02. 19Colosseum 117:00
15. 02. 19CinemaxX 516:00
17. 02. 19Colosseum 117:00

The nipple is the power button that gets the 'cinema of the mind' rolling – or is it in fact a reality? An X-ray reveals it quite clearly: a little man nestled between the rib bones. There he lies and sleeps. The male's host goes crazy, but it doesn't help, he falls asleep exhausted. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds a wound where his nipple used to be, and footprints on the floor. The search begins. But the little man refuses to be intimidated or annoyed or fooled. He confidently sets off to find his place in this gay universe. Who actually loves whom here? Surrealistic and absurd settings come up against a real, everyday world. Unfathomable, inexplicable, sensual, feisty, peculiar.

FILMOGRAFIE Luca Tóth (selection)

2019 Lidérc úr 

Luca Tóth @ IMDb
Interview with Luca Tóth on 'Lidérc úr'

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