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Los miembros de la familia

86.0 min.
Year of Production:
Tomás Wicz
Laila Maltz
Alejandro Russek
Production Company:
Volpe Films
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

An empty house near a small town on Argentina’s Atlantic coast. Following their mother’s death, siblings Gilda and Lucas have moved in for a short time to pay their last respects. In his second film, Mateo Bendesky quietly and magically tells the story of a daughter and a son who find themselves stranded. A bus company strike means that returning to Buenos Aires is now impossible. Card reading, parties and fitness on the beach provide Gilda and Lucas with remedies against boredom. Gradually, more and more people enter their microcosm, and the boundaries of their personalities begin to shift. Their search for traces of their own past reveals present-day secrets. The beach becomes the venue for spontaneous fight clubs, memories are washed up, and the afterlife begins to communicate with the here and now. The tides change. And, at the end of this subtly humorous tale about the mysteries of growing up, nothing is as it was.

FILMOGRAFIE Mateo Bendesky (selection)

2019 Los miembros de la familia 

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Interview with Mateo Bendesky on 'Los miembros de la familia'

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