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1 Berlin Harlem

100 min.
Year of Production:
Deutschland (BRD)
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Conrad Jennings
Tally Brown
Ingrid Caven
Peter Chatel
Günter Kaufmann
Ortrud Beginnen
Dietmar Kracht
Evelyn Künneke
Lothar Lambert
Production Company:
Lothar Lambert Filmproduktion

Legendary film from super-indy filmmaker Lambert, one time most-featured Berlinale director, about the forms of racism in Berlin’s vibrant lifestyle at the time of the film's making. Brimming with cameos galore: alongside leading actor Conrad Jennings the likes of Ortrud Beginnen, Tally Brown, Ingrid Caven, Peter Chatel, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Günter Kaufmann, Dietmar Kracht, Evelyn Künneke, Lothar Lambert, Y Sa Lo, Bernd Lubowski, Brigitte Mira, Vera Müller can all be seen.

A black man stationed in West Berlin quit its service in the US army to live with his white girlfriend, who still has a child of another dark-skinned. After an argument with her family he falls out with her. Although finding a new job and an accommodation, he faces racism which becomes apparent by sexual harassment.

BIOGRAFIE Lothar Lambert

Born in Rudolstadt, Thuringia in 1944. He grew up in Berlin, studied journal- ism and was a trainee on a newspaper; subsequently becoming an editor on the Berlin newspaper “Der Abend”. He worked as a freelance film and television critic for various publications and made television features for the broad- caster SFB’s magazine programme, “Berliner Fenster”. He began working as a film director in 1971, initially collaborating with Wolfram Zobus. Lambert produces his own films and also often appears in the leading role. A painter from 1993 onwards. 

FILMOGRAFIE Lothar Lambert (selection)

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FILMOGRAFIE Wolfram Zobus (selection)

1974 1 Berlin Harlem 

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