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La fiera y la fiesta

90 min.
Year of Production:
Argentina/Dominican Republic/Mexico
Geraldine Chaplin
Udo Kier
Luis Opsina
Jaime Piña
Jackie Ludueña
Pau Bertolini
Jeradin Asencio
Fifi Poulakidas
Production Company:
rei cine
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

Jean-Louis Jorge (1947-2000) was a Dominican filmmaker and the author of a sensual and transgressive body of work. This film is both dedicated to this unsung hero - unknown to most of the world but revered in his home country - and wholeheartedly embedded in his universe.
Aging punk diva Vera arrives in Santo Domingo to direct her beloved friend Jean-Louis Jorge’s unfinished project: a musical film entitled ‘La fiera y la fiesta’. Welcoming her are two other old friends, Victor, the producer, and Martín, the cinematographer. The trio spent the golden years of their youth together as an artistic troupe. Joining them is Henry, Vera’s loyal choreographer. As preparations get under way and shooting commences amidst numerous glamorous social gatherings, conflict and death also begin to creep up on the haunted production.
Pervaded by a libidinous tropical atmosphere, Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas’ seventh directorial collaboration is a boldly inventive meditation on the ageing process and the pleasures of the flesh.

BIOGRAFIE Laura Amelia Guzman

The duo have directed, written, photographed and produced several feature films together. Guzmán was born in 1980 in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, where she studied fine arts and photography. She then moved to Cuba to attend the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) where she specialised in cinematography. Cárdenas was born in 1980 in Monterrey, Mexico, where he studied communications. The couple run the Aurora Dominicana production company together as well as the post-production studio, Aurora Color, and the independent cinema, Cinema Boreal.

FILMOGRAFIE Laura Amelia Guzman (selection)

2019 La fiera y la fiesta  2016 Noelí en Los Países  2014 Sand Dollars  2013 Carmita   2010 Jean Gentil  2007 Cochochi 

FILMOGRAFIE Israel Cárdenas (selection)

2019 La fiera y la fiesta  2016 Noelí en Los Países  2014 Sand Dollars  2013 Carmita  2010 Jean Gentil  2007 Cochochi 

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