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Heute oder morgen

93 min.
Year of Production:
Paula Knüpling
Maximilian Hildebrandt
Tala Gouveia
Hans Jochen Wagner
Leonhard Kunz
Oliver Moser
Yotam Ishay
Roland Bonjour
Timur Isik
Nora Decker
Production Company:
Berlinale Section:
Perspektive deutsches Kino
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

Summer in Berlin. Two Berliners, Maria and Niels, and one British student, Chloë, are three twenty-somethings. Drifting libidinously through Berlin, they plunge headlong into a carefree and chaotic love affair with each other. Boisterously living life to the full, they grasp everything and anything they please. Their only compass seems to be the pleasure they experience together – which works perfectly well until Chloë unintentionally falls pregnant. Insecurity and anger, jealousy and doubt now break out. An abortion is planned, and rejected. Who is allowed to have a say, and when, and about what? Their unusual trinity dissolves and their once balanced relationship mutates into shifting constellations of two – until it seems it might be possible to restore a precarious equilibrium, at least for a moment. Is their utopia within reach or is this just the calm before the storm? To love differently is hard work. The world is not prepared for Maria, Niels and Chloë. And neither are they.

FILMOGRAFIE Thomas Moritz Helm (selection)

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