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Sex on the metro! The director has taken footage shot in a completely empty compartment on the London underground and married it to the off-camera reading of a pornographic text that includes detailed masturbation instructions for a female rider. The whole sexy trip, driven by musical clinking sounds, is framed by images of a woman in black bandages using a leather whip for self-flagellation. Take a ride on the wild side!

BIOGRAFIE Eva Heldmann

Born on 18.6.1951. Founded and curated the repertory cinema ‘Mondpalast’ in Niederbrechen near Limburg. Cinema programmer for the ‘Werkstattkino Mal seh’n’ cinema in Frankfurt from 1987-89. From 1984 onwards, she was one of the organisers of the Frankfurt Film Show. Became managing director of the Hesse Film Office in 1998. Has worked as an assistant director to Mara Matischka and Charly Weller

FILMOGRAFIE Eva Heldmann (selection)

2012 Riverred  2007 Five Sex Rooms und eine Küche  2002 Duméla Ladies  1990 Compartment 

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