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...a bude hůř

Engl. Title: It Gonna Get Worse

Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll in a communist police state. The film takes place in the 1970s in the northern part of Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia. It centers on anti-hero Olin, who has just been released from a psychiatric hospital, where he ended up after slashing his wrists to avoid military service. A few weeks after his release, he becomes an important figure in the underground scene, attracting increasing attention from the forces of order. One day he decides to flee to the West, [...]


1 Berlin Harlem

Legendary film from super-indy filmmaker Lambert, one time most-featured Berlinale director, about the forms of racism in Berlin’s vibrant lifestyle at the time of the film's making. Brimming with cameos galore: alongside leading actor Conrad Jennings the likes of Ortrud Beginnen, Tally Brown, Ingrid Caven, Peter Chatel, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Günter Kaufmann, Dietmar Kracht, Evelyn Künneke, Lothar Lambert, Y Sa Lo, Bernd Lubowski, Brigitte Mira, Vera Müller can all [...]


18.15 Uhr ab Ostkreuz

Engl. Title: 18:15 from Ostkreuz

On the way home from a coffee and a chat with her best friend, Karin Höhne, a retired primary school teacher from Haselhorst in Berlin, is witness to a brutal murder in a passing local train. A young woman falls victim to an axe murderer. Unfortunately, the police – particularly visiting British superintendent Rock Milchester – consider the elderly lady’s statement to be merely a tall story that she has concocted. Their suspicions appear to be confirmed when they cannot [...]


46 oku nen no koi

Engl. Title: Big Bang Love, Juvenile A

Jun Ariyoshi works in a gay bar. One night, one of the customers pesters him and a terrible fight breaks out during which Jun kills the man. Jun does not show the slightest sign of remorse and is put in prison. One of the inmates is a young man named Shiro Kazuki, who wears strange-looking tattoos and whose remarkably penetrating looks can kill. From the outset, Shiro makes brutality and violence his trademark and, as a result, soon makes his way up the hierarchy of those behind bars. Jun, [...]


52 Tuesdays

Sixteen-year-old Billie can’t believe her mother has decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery. James – as her mother now prefers to be known – has always wanted to be a man. The challenging journey will take one year. When Billie learns that she is to live with her father Tom in the meantime, she feels her own wishes have been ignored. James’ promise to spend every Tuesday afternoon with her is scant comfort. Nonetheless, James tries to observe his motherly responsibilities, [...]


54: The Director's Cut

‘We’ve revolutionised going out‘, pronounces club owner Steve Rubell. At the legendary Studio 54, the mother of all nightclubs since the invention of disco, clubbing was much more than just socialising to music. In 1998, director Mark Christopher created a cinematic monument to this ostentatious mixture of Art Deco and plush, frivolous 1970s hedonism and drug-induced 24-hour party people. At the producers’ behest his film about this up-market disco in [...]


575 Castro Street

575 CASTRO STREET begins with the following introduction: “In February 1977, the SAN FRANCISCO GAY FILM FESTIVAL was born when a self described 'ragtag bunch of hippie fag filmmakers' got together and projected their Super 8 short films on a bed sheet. Many of these films explored gay themes, but (…) many were simple studies in light and motion. Most of these films passed through Harvey Milk´s Castro Camera Store at 575 Castro St. for processing. In 2008, the Castro [...]


7 Deadly Kisses

From fish kiss to dragon kiss – this is where people of all ages and genders who want to learn how to kiss can find out (almost) everything about the no-no’s of the face fuck. Two willing and able male trainees demonstrate the first seven deadly kisses for any relationship…