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Alkali, Iowa

17 min.
Year of Production:
JD Cerna
Mary Beth Hurt
Ed Seamon
Ellen Hamilton-Latzen
Kent Broadhurst
Greg Villepique
Production Company:
Wildword Productions
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Short Film
Teddy Award:
Best Short Film

Whilst weeding a bean field a young, closet gay farmer unearths a strange "family treasure" of hidden erotica. When Jack discovers to which one of his relatives this treasure once belonged he finally finds the courage to declare his true sexuality. And so for him the 4th of July becomes his own personal "declaration of independence".

BIOGRAFIE Mark Christopher

Born on a farm near Fort Dodge, Iowa on 9.7.1961. Studied at the University of Iowa, in Lisbon and in Paris. Made his debut as a director with the short, THE DEAD BOY'S CLUB, which won several awards. Graduates in film studies at Columbia University in 1995. Lives in New York. 

FILMOGRAFIE Mark Christopher (selection)

2015 54: The Director's Cut  2012 Real Life: The Musical  2007 Heartland   2005 Pizza  1998 54  1995 Alkali, Iowa  1993 The Dead Boys' Club  1990 The Language of Boys  1984 A Gourmet's Delight  

Mark Christopher
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