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102 min.
Year of Production:
Luís Ziembrowski
Alejandro Buitrago
María Ucedo
Production Company:
Pucara Cine
Berlinale Section:

Heavy clouds hang over the tobacco fields in the mountainous jungle of north western Argentina. Here, far from the big city, live Ernesto and Helena. They long to have children, but their passion is spent. One day, Helena’s cousin Joaquin arrives. He has just gone through detox and his mother has banished him to this remote place for rehabilitation. Although they all keep to themselves, the young man’s presence bringslife to their marriage. An atmosphere begins to develop that nobody can control. Although Helena rebuffs Joaquin’s advances, she develops a desire for the youngman's physicality which she secretly nurtures. Meanwhile, Joaquin and Ernesto explore the wilderness around them, go hunting in the woods, tend the fields and attend cockfights, all the time growing closer to each other than they would care to admit. They all deny their emotions and the physical attraction they feel for each other. But unfulfilled passions find unpredictable ways of getting what they want.

BIOGRAFIE Barbara Sarasola-Day

Born in Argentina in 1976, she studied communication science in Buenos Aires and has attended a number of film courses at home and abroad. She has been working in the film business since 2000. Her short film EL CANAL (2005) screened at film festivals around the world. DESHORA is her first feature film.

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