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Die Betörung der Blauen Matrosen

50 min.
Year of Production:
Rosa von Praunheim

Tabea Blumenschein
Barry Tannenbaum
Valeska Gert
Jean Matelot
Production Company:
Helmut Wietz (Berlin)
Berlinale Category:
Experimental Film

Ulrike Ottinger won the Special Teddy Award in 2014 for her incomparable lifetime achievement, of which this enchanting queer film is an early example even before her groundbreaking films Madame X and Bildnis einer Trinkerin (Ticket of No Return).

In collage sequences, the surrogate of synthetic sensuality takes form and seduces the sailors in the guise of a Hawaiian girl. In ritual punctuation, she distributes deaths which seemingly only the hardy siren Fatality can survive. But beyond the apparent and real rigidity of expressive forms, the film imparts a new life, which although not reversing its loss, breaks it in irony and repeats it in ritual, making visible other means of survival

BIOGRAFIE Ulrike Ottinger

Born in Konstanz, Germany in 1942. She worked as a painter and photographer in Paris from 1962-1968. She founded the “Visuell” film club in Konstanz in 1969, and led it until 1972; she also founded “galeriepress” art gallery and press. She has lived in Berlin since 1973. Alongside her film work she also produces operas and theatre and is present on the international scene with photo exhibitions.

FILMOGRAFIE Ulrike Ottinger (selection)

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