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82' min.
Year of Production:
Diego Andrés Paredes
Juan Manuel Arregui
Production Company:
Lunafilms Audiovisual
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

In 1999, Ecuador’s banking system collapsed in the wake of a corruption scandal. These events provide the historical context for sixteen-year-old Juan Pablo’s enforced sojourn with his rich uncle and his family. Pensive Juan has absolutely no use for either this corrupt banker who has withdrawn to his refuge in the Andes, or his ignorant sons. One night he observes his uncle’s cronies brutally mishandling a man they discover tampering with their cars. After Juan Pablo helps one of the victim’s companions to escape, the pair soon discovers they have more in common than this incident. The young man, Juano, comes from the pueblo nearby, rides an old motorbike and earns a living repairing tyres. He also likes listening to heavy metal. Juan Pablo finds the courage to pursue his hitherto unknown feelings for this attractive boy, even though he has no idea if his feelings are reciprocated. Weeks go by. These are turbulent times – and not just for the country, for Juan Pablo himself things are beginning to falter.

BIOGRAFIE Diego Araujo

Born in Quito, Ecuador, in 1975, he received a scholarship to study an MA in screenwriting at the University of Bergen in Norway and subsequently studied directing at Florida State University in the USA. After having worked as an editor in New York for several years he returned to Ecuador in 2012 to shoot his first feature film FERIADO.

FILMOGRAFIE Diego Araujo (selection)

2014 Feriado  2004 Leonhard’s Secret Treasure  2003 Lola’s Dress  2002 País de Cinco (Country of Five)  1999 Push It 

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