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80 min.
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Candy Flip
Bishop Black
Kristina Marlen
Production Company:
Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion
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Feature Film

It is the year 2060 and AIDS has been eradicated. However, in some, the HIV virus has now mutated into a gene from which a drug can be produced that has become the white powder of the twenty-first century. With a virtually supported scanning system, secret police are trying to identify anyone who carries this gene. Meanwhile, elsewhere, young men are hooked up to a system of cables and ordered to produce sperm for the production of pharmaceuticals that will dominate the market. Filmed in Berlin, Taiwan-born multimedia artist and filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang’s science fiction dystopia revolves around a struggle to gain control over the production and exploitation of bodily fluids. Her film is like an orgiastic opera; a breathless round of bodies, secretions, performances and sexual acts often performed in the service of an overriding economy. An unusual, largely experimental and deliberately parapornographic drama in which the borders between the sexes as well as homo-, hetero-, bi-, trans- or intersexual are constantly blurred.

BIOGRAFIE Shu Lea Cheang

Born in Taiwan in 1954, this filmmaker and multimedia artist studied film at New York University. Her creative work has been shown in museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and the Guggenheim Museum. Her film Fresh Kill premiered in the Panorama, and I.K.U. was presented at Sundance. Fluidø is her third feature film. She sees herself as a digital nomad and realised projects in Tokyo, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Zurich before settling in Paris where she is living today.

FILMOGRAFIE Shu Lea Cheang (selection)

2017 FLUIDØ  2001 I.K.U  1994 Fresh Kill 

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