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Gender X

72 min.
Year of Production:
Bianca Fox
Bibby Nylon
Cherry Hollow
Chou-Chou de Briquette
Daphne de Baakel
Gloria Viagra
Krylon Superstar
Lena Braun
Chantal Lehner
Nina Queer
Paisley Dalton
Polla Disaster
Rebecca Poppers
Sherry Vine
Production Company:
Julia Ostertag
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Documentary Film

Berlin has always exercised a certain magnetism, not only for people with unusual biographies, but also for those who refuse to adhere to society’s ‘norms’. Julia Ostertag spent half a year traversing Berlin’s clubs, recording her encounters with queers, drag queens and transgender personalities. Her film is a collection of portraits of a whole array of characters, none of whom appear to be either man nor woman; people who, either permanently or temporarily, have felt inclined to change their sexual identity and reinvent themselves entirely. These portraits comment on the protagonists’ way of life and provide an insight into their motivation. During the course of the film, it becomes clear that these people are as multifaceted as human existence itself. This documentary tries to go beyond all definition of norms, posing instead the question: what does sexuality mean? Are there really just two genders – male and female – or is there something else? Like a game of role-playing, GENDER X toys with the viewer’s perceptions. It also pays tribute to Berlin’s diverse multi-gender scene – from queers and drag queens to male-to-female transgender individuals. A homage to personal freedom and to those who have the courage to determine their own sexual persuasion.

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BIOGRAFIE Julia Ostertag

She studied fine art and sculpture in Hanover and Braunschweig from 1989-94, where she also attended Birgit Hein’s and Gerhard Büttenbender’s film classes. She was an independent artist from 1995-99 before taking up studies once again at Braunschweig’s HBK in the year 2000, this time in photography and film. She joined Birgit Hein’s master class in 2004. She lives in Hanover-Isernhagen and in Berlin.

FILMOGRAFIE Julia Ostertag (selection)

2016 Dark Circus  2013 And You Belong (Documentary)  2008 Saila  2004 Gender X  2004 No American Dream (Short)  2003 Sexjunkie (Short) 

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