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Hartes Brot

7 min.
Year of Production:
Anna Böttcher
Regine Hentschel
Thordis König
Ellis Berljin
Hannelore Kirchner
Lydia Herbert
Anna Neuser
Barbara Ewald
Josefa Wittenberg
Sonja Spanka
Carola Goldstein
Production Company:
Salzgeber & Co.Medien GmbH
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Short Film
Teddy Award:
Best Short Film

Both the machines and the staff at the bread factory run like clockwork. The girls are always on the go and their piece rate is bang on target. The new girl, however, number 423, is having a hard time getting to grips with the machines. She’s fighting a losing battle, it seems. But we shall see who will win in the end.

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BIOGRAFIE Nathalie Percillier

Biography Born in Paris on 11.5.1960, where she later took her final school examinations and passed her driving test. Lives in Berlin. Studied at the Berlin College of Arts from 1988-92. Received a bursary from the Karl Hofer Society.Took up film studies at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin in 1992. Has made several short films and experimental videos. 

FILMOGRAFIE Nathalie Percillier (selection)

2005 Fucking Different  2004 Fucking Different!  2003 Utes Ende  1999 Hartes Brot  1998 Schwarzes Wasser  1996 Heldinnen der Liebe  1992 Bloody Well Done 

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