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Ja kada sam bila klinac, bila sam klinka

30 min.
Year of Production:
Production Company:
Academic Film Center, Student's Cultural City
Berlinale Section:

Goca is a transvestite in Belgrade, the capital city of a country where organising orpartcipating in a gay pride parade is forbidden. She is raising a daughter who is really her niece. Although her eighteen-year-old boyfriend steals the money she risks life and limb to earn as a sex worker, Goca still loves him and manages to retain her sunny, open-minded nature. On her thirty-ninth birthday she decides to celebrate he rcoming out on stage in front of a live audience. And so she tells them the story of her life: when I was a boy, I was a girl

BIOGRAFIE Ivana Todorovic

Born in Belgrade in Yugoslavia in 1979, she studied ethnology, anthropology and peace studies at the University of Belgrade, participated in a Jean Rouch Ateliers Varan documentary filmmaking workshop and then graduated in documentary media studies at the New School in New York. Her films have screened at over 80 festivals worldwide.

FILMOGRAFIE Ivana Todorovic (selection)

2013 Ja Kada Sam Bila Klinac, Bila Sam Klinka  2010 A Harlem Mother  2008 Rapresent   2006 Everyday Life Of Roma Children From Block 71  

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