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115 min.
Year of Production:
Axle Aeiou Samson
Russel Abulad
Allen Dimaunahan
Ian Galliguez
Xyris Beatingo
Sigrid Andrea Bernardo
Joemar Sustento
Alejandra Gloriano
Arcele Fernez
Production Company:
Yellowkite Film Productions
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

Whenever the schoolchildren sing the national anthem eight-year-old Toto is asked to keep quiet. He has a harelip and his garbled voice always makes them all laugh. But this boy from the slums is a battler and not so easily daunted. His mate is a little boy who is hard of hearing; when these two are on the prowl together even the bruiser next door doesn’t bother them. Toto’s mother can’t really look after her son much. She’s got too much on her plate trying to manage her men. She dreams of going to Japan to work as a geisha. But if push comes to shove Toto can always depend on his headstrong yet warm-hearted mother. She even supports his somewhat ludicrous plan to take part in a public speaking contest. Milo Tolentino has won plenty of awards in Asia for his short films. His colourful feature-length debut makes a stand for a life which, although sometimes painful, is nonetheless fulfilled and follows its own route away from well-worn paths. This film has no qualms about facing its topics of discrimination and social exclusion head on, or of depicting abnormality as something that can be life-enriching.

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BIOGRAFIE Rommel 'Milo' Tolentino

ROMMEL TOLENTINO akaMILO, is a visual artist who excels in fine-art and commercial photography, graphic design and filmmaking. He is a Cinemalaya Philippine IndependentFilm Festival multi-awardee, and the creative mind behind the short feature film ANDONGwhich won in theClermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2009,and tookthe SONJE Award in the Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea in 2008. He is a recipient of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Award in 2008 [ through the Cinemanila International Film Festival ], aKidlat Tahimik’s Bamboo Camera Award in 2009, and a Special Citation fromthe National Council For Children’s Television and the Philippines’ Department of Educationin 2010for his contribution in creating child-friendly and child-focused films.He took up Communication Arts at the UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS and later took film classes at the UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES FILM INSTITUTE, DILIMAN. He made his first film in 2004 and hasn’t stopped ever since. He directs, writes, photographs, edits, designs, and produces most of his films.NONO is based on his 2009 Busan International Film Festival –Asian Cinema Fund, Script Development Grant screenplay. This is his second feature film.

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2011 Nono 

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