One Big Bag

A millennial death doula introduces us to the world of end-of-life care. With a matter-of-fact demeanor and intense physicality, she guides us into the largely uncharted waters of corpse care—practical, political, and spiritual. She performs her knowledge within a field of props that are the tools of her trade, kept in a “mobile corpse kit”—everyday items that she manipulates to profound use. The film, drawn from workshops, research, and interviews conducted with several end-of-life doulas from different cultural backgrounds, is a skill share, threaded with humor, grief, unknowing, and a desire for justice. The doula’s work encourages us to turn towards that which we strive so hard to avoid. 


  • Runtime

    40 min
  • Country

    United States, Great Britain
  • Year of Presentation

  • Year of Production

  • Director

    Every Ocean Hughes
  • Cast

    Lindsay Rico
  • Production Company

  • Berlinale Section

    Forum Expanded
  • Berlinale Category

    Experimental Film