The Feast Of Stephen


Stephen watches a group of boys playing basketball. The look in his eyes betrays his sexual interests. When the boys realize, he becomes a victim of their homophobia. Or does it only seem so?
THE FEAST OF STEPHEN is based on a poem by the same title, written by american poet Anthony Hecht. The peom stayed with James Franco since he read it for the first time. In order to visualize the feelings that had been triggered in him, Franco was geared to Kenneth Anger´s rebellious shortfilm SCORPIO RISING, which in 1964 stilistically, aesthetically and thematically made cinematic history.


  • Runtime

    4 min
  • Country

    United States
  • Year of Presentation

  • Year of Production

  • Director

    James Franco
  • Cast

    Michael Shannon, Keyara Babb, Creed Cole
  • Production Company

    Rabbit Bandini Productions
  • Berlinale Section

  • Berlinale Category

    Short Film
  • Teddy Award Winner

    Best Short Film

Biography James Franco

Born in Palo Alto, California in 1978, he is an actor, director, screenwriter and producer. He won many accolades for his performance in the title role of the TV movie JAMES DEAN and in feature films MILK and 127 HOURS. He has also appeared in, amongst others, SPIDER-MAN 1, 2 and 3. In 2010 his shorts FEAST OF STEPHEN and HERBERT WHITE screened in the Panorama.

Filmography James Franco

2005 Fool’s Gold | 2005 The Ape | 2007 Good Time Max | 2009 42 One Dream Rush | 2010 Masculinity & Me | 2010 Saturday Night | 2010 Herbert White | 2010 The Clerk’s Tale | 2011 The Broken Tower | 2011 Sal | 2012 My Own Private River | 2012 Dream | 2012 Black Dog, Red Dog