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White Sands Crystal Foxes

34 min.
Year of Production:
Production Company:
Amard Bird Films
Berlinale Section:
Forum Expanded
Berlinale Category:
Short Film

White Sands Crystal Foxes is an experimental film journey through the point of view of a young queer person who daydreams about the erotics of a world where humans are willfully in submission to nature, and foxes are the only mammals still able to procreate. In this speculative world, in heightened states of emotion, crystals form from human secretions, such as tears, cum, and piss, and are considered to be valuable sources of energy. Foxes are polyamorous creatures slowly becoming the dominant mammals populating the world. Holes are infinite portals, social architectures, thresholds, and energy conductors. Drawing connections between chemical warfare, climate change, sustainable energy, and queering time and space, Liz Rosenfeld transforms a 360° immersive environment (a planetarium) into a speculative future lexicon of flesh, holes, crystals, and foxes.

This screening will open with a short live work entitled “The Shimmer” performed by Liz Rosenfeld. 


FILMOGRAFIE Liz Rosenfeld (selection)

2021 White Sands Crystal Foxes 

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