Films A to Z

Ya Gan Bi Haeng

Engl. Title: Night Flight

After a tryst with a lover in a derelict, condemned building housing the ‘Night Flight’ gay bar, Yong-ju roams the streets of night-time Seoul and bumps into his ex-best friend, Gi-ung. They were once in the same class but have long since gone their separate ways. Having become embroiled in a fight, Gi-ung snatches Yong-ju’s bicycle in order to escape and doesn’t give it back. Yong-ju threatens him, but Gi-ung is impervious to his warnings – his gang is notorious [...]



Engl. Title: The Night

A young man stands in front of a mirror. The night belongs to him. Every evening, he appraises his appearance, attired in a new shirt, leaves his apartment and waits in a poorly lit alleyway for his johns. One night he meets a female prostitute of his age who’s new in this part of town. They flirt and wander the streets, toy with the idea of renting their bodies out to each other and name themselves after flowers: he calls himself Tuberose and she, Narcissus. The strangers they follow remain [...]


Yolanda and the Thief

A con man eavesdrops on young, beautiful, and wealthy heiress Yolanda as she prays for a guardian angel to help her manage her financial affairs. The following morning, he introduces himself to her “Mr. Brown”, guardian angel at your service. He manages to swindle Yolanda out of millions in bonds, but when he tries to pass the money to his accomplice, a certain Mr. Candle gets in the way … Set in a fictional South American country, this MGM musical uses a literal [...]


Yours in Sisterhood

Engl. Title: Yours in Sisterhood

A petrol station at an Atlanta intersection. A private estate in Bowling Green, Kentucky, complete with a perfect lawn. The front yard of a family home in Connecticut. At first glance, the places Irene Lusztig chose to visit on her two-year journey through the United States seem unremarkable. At each stop, Lusztig had local women read out and comment on letters from the archive of liberal feminist magazine “Ms.”. These letters were originally sent around 40 years ago [...]


Yue kuai le, yue duo luo

Engl. Title: Hold You Tight

Hong Kong, 1997. A mainland-born computer software designer and his wife. A Taiwanese boy who feels a strong and inexplicable attraction to the programmer but ends up making love to his wife. Then there is an affable gay Hong Kong-born real estate agent. The Taiwanese boy returns to Taipei and meets a woman who looks exactly like the programmer's wife. All these lives intertwine. Images as fragments of lives are freed from melodramatic chronology and put together following the protagonists' [...]


Yulia & Juliet

At first it seems like Yulia and Juliet are meeting in the school corridor, but then we notice the ventilation grilles in the image, through which the two lovers have to talk to each other. Yulia and Juliet are in prison. Worse still, Juliet will soon be released. But what will happen to Yulia? The emotionally charged drame takes a radical and brave turn. Zara Dwinger once again tells a brief, intense story about self-determined female protagonists.


Yves Saint Laurent

Paris in 1957. At the age of 21 talented young designer Yves Saint Laurent takes up a position as assistant to couturier Christian Dior. After Dior’s sudden and unexpected death Saint Laurent is made artistic director of one of the world’s most renowned fashion houses. His first collection is a triumphant success and this shy fashion genius becomes famous overnight. In Pierre Bergé he finds the love of his life and together they found their own label: ‘Yves Saint Laurent’. [...]