Baek Ya


Won-Gyu is a flight attendant and is constantly in transit. Anonymous hotel rooms are all the home he knows. Tae-Jun is a motorbike courier who spends almost all his time on the streets. Two men with two jobs that keep them on the move. Two lives that are just a series of fleeting moments. Having clicked on the internet they arrange to meet in Seoul. But they only have a few hours. Won-Gyu never wanted to return to the city because Seoul reminds him of an event that has left him sad and angry. His past casts a long shadow over their date, and their night together is pitch-black in spite of the big city lights. Since they must soon part again, both are afraid to get too close and a strange power game begins. Tae-Jun joins his new friend as he sets out in search of something. They go to a place that was once the site of a brutal attack on gays. Baek-Ya is an urban odyssey through a city, pervaded by anger and longing, in which not everyone can live their life and experience love. But for one brief but beautiful moment this film allows these two simply to be together


  • Runtime

    75 min
  • Country

    South Korea
  • Year of Presentation

  • Year of Production

  • Director

    Leesong Hee-il
  • Cast

    Won Tae-hee, Yi Yi-kyung, Hyun Sung
  • Production Company

  • Berlinale Section

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Biography Leesong Hee-il

Born in South Korea in 1971, he studied filmmaking at the Independent Film Society. Between 1995 and 2000, he was a member of the independent film group ‘youth Film’ during which time he made a number of short films which have screened at national and international film festivals. Today, he is one of the most eminent Korean directors of queer film. He was a guest of the 57th Berlinale with his debut feature film NO REGRET.

Filmography Leesong Hee-il

2000 Sugar Hill | 2001 Good Romance | 2003 Say That You Want To Fuck With Me | 2004 Camellia Project | 2009 Break Away | 2012 Going South | 2012 Suddenly, Last Summer