Medicine and Magic

The two videos in Medicine and Magic work together to try and bridge these two stories from my maternal grandparents’ family histories. I’ve been raised with stories of the medicine men in my family. A bundle that was used successfully to heal people. Stories of bear spirits that took care of us.
I don’t know about my Scottish side as much, but I did know some of the last names of my ancestors over there. There was one case with a last name and a location close to my great grandmother’s hometown that made me pause. It was a white magic case, protecting cattle, and talking with fairies. Relatively benign things. But she this women executed for it. I feel like these videos unearth some of this history and my hope is that they lead people to draw their own conclusions about spiritual, magical, medicinal histories. (Thirza Cuthand) 


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    5 min
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    Thirza Cuthand
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    Fit Of Pique Productions Ltd.
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    Forum Expanded
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    Short Film

Biography Thirza Cuthand

born in 1978 in Regina, Canada, is a Toronto-based filmmaker. Her films deal with sexuality, madness, queer identity and love, as well as Indigeneity.

Filmography Thirza Cuthand

2017 The Longform Lesbian Census