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Nel mio nome

93 min.
Year of Production:
Leonardo Arpino
Nicolò Sproccati
Production Company:
Nuovi Paesaggi Urbani, Art of Panic
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Documentary Film

Four friends – Nic, Leo, Andrea and Raff – tell the stories of their gender transitions. Looking back on their childhood and youth, they share their personal memories and experiences. Even if they did not always conform to the social norms of femininity – all four were socialised as girls. Each of their gender biographies may be different, yet there are parallels. This helps them to understand each other and feel less alone. The discussions with partners, the choice of pronouns, the hormone therapy, decisions about surgery and dealing with the authorities – the processes are diverse, and lengthy. In the strictly binary world we live in, the decision to determine one’s own gender identity is a subversive act.

Nel mio nome gives trans people a space to describe their personal paths to their own identity with the name they have chosen for themselves. The film is also a frank and sensitive depiction of the hurdles that they have had to overcome in society in order to implement the necessary social, physical and legal changes. 


FILMOGRAFIE Nicolò Bassetti (selection)

2022 Nel mio nome 

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