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Dyke Hard

94 min.
Year of Production:
Alle Eriksson
Peggy Sands
M. Wagensjö
Lina Kurttila
Anitha Nygards
Iki Gonzalez
Josephine Krieg
Alexi Carpintieri
Production Company:
Filmlance International AB
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

After scoring a huge hit with their first single, hip lesbian band Dyke Hard fall into the creative doldrums. When their front woman leaves it looks like curtains for the rest of the band, but then the girls hear of a battle of the bands in the big city in three days’ time and decide to participate and give their maudlin career a kick start. A road trip adventure full of danger, intrigue and all sorts of obstacles ensues. The women find themselves in a haunted house and soon after wind up unjustly accused on death row until a gay prison warder helps them escape. They find brief respite at the home of a sweet old lady with a hidden agenda who almost makes them forget where they’re going. But their luck turns again and, following a battle with cyborgs and ninjas they finally manage to make it to the competition, just in time. ‘Trash as trash can!’ is the ambitious motto of this camp and zany
sexploitation-horror-trash-musical guaranteed to be lacking in anything resembling good taste. Told at breakneck speed, this is a tongue-in-cheek, perverse, polymorphic ride that has the potential to vie with cult offerings by the likes of John Waters and Russ Meyer, or the Austin Powers series.

BIOGRAFIE Bitte Andersson

Born in 1981, raised in the countryside near Stockholm. Cartoonist
and illustrator with punk and fanzine Background. Worked as an SFX specialist
for low-budget production Troma Entertainment. After graduating on
Konstfack University College in Stockholm she opened an LGBT bookstore.
Organized with colleagues and clients Cultural events and TV shows for
local TV stations. After four years in the bookstore she took I'm going to film school. DYKE HARD is her Examination project.

FILMOGRAFIE Bitte Andersson (selection)

2018 Bimbo Bambino  2018 Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead  2014 Dyke Hard 

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