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98 min.
Year of Production:
Pierre Prieur
Adrian James
Raquel Nave
Rebeka Underhill
Charlie Himmelstein
Luc Bierme
Production Company:
eivissa productions
Berlinale Section:
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

Maurice, a reticent young homeless man somehow manages to get by in Brooklyn; he spends his nights in parked cars until he finds himself at ‘Bizarre’, an underground club renowned for its burlesque shows. Maurice is fascinated by the club’s playful revues celebrating self-determined sexuality and creative otherness, and the two female club owners both adore him. He soon becomes a part of their chosen family, and begins to bond with introverted Luka. But Maurice turns his back on Luka’s growing affection. Running away from his true emotions he drifts aimlessly through the city. He tries to find his feet at a boxing club, where he meets Charlie. Unable to withstand the pressure of
his repressed feelings, Maurice unleashes a mounting foment of emotions, pervaded by tenderness and menace. Étienne Faure shot his film on location at ‘Bizarre’. Illuminating the promise of an independent future for his aimless escapees in the resplendent creations of ‘Bizarre’s’ artistes, Faure moulds his keenly sensitive observations of these lost, disturbed souls to form a mesmerising trance.

BIOGRAFIE Étienne Faure

Born in the south of France in 1969, he began his film career directing shorts before making his feature debut in 2000 with IN EXTREMIS. He is currently working as a producer and director. His feature film CHAOS screened at numerous international festivals.

FILMOGRAFIE Étienne Faure (selection)

2015 Bizarre  2012 Désodres  2009 Des illusions  2004 Quoi? L'éternité?  2004 Prisonnier   2000 In extremis   1997 La fin de la nuit   1988 À la recherche de Tadzio 

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