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74 min.
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sonntag pictures
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Documentary Film

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a city in the midst of the USA’s Bible Belt with almost 400,000 inhabitants, over 4,000 churches and just one gay and lesbian youth centre. This is the meeting place for Larissa, Ben, ‘D’ and other youths who because of their decision to live gay, lesbian and transgender lives, are either not accepted or, on the contrary, have received strong support from their families and unconditional love.
Jannik Splidsboel, whose film How Are You screened in Panorama in 2011, takes an almost entirely observational approach to his depiction of the lives of these three teenagers, their first love or their longing for love, their coming out, and their dreams for the future.
In an unhurried, almost casual fashion, the film shows how ‘D’ manages step by step to improve his precarious existence and how Ben learns from his brother how to defend himself. Courtesy of Larissa and her girlfriend we are also treated to one of the most dazzling and colourful lesbian kiss scenes in film history. Misfits portrays three basically ‘average’ young people as they try to live queer lives, find their gender identities, love and be loved in an environment pervaded by religious fundamentalism. 

BIOGRAFIE Jannik Splidsboel

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1964, he studied art and film in Rome where he now lives. He worked on numerous international projects as assistant director and production manager before he began focussing on documentaries in 1999. Alongside his film work he also teaches at international film schools. HOW ARE YOU, his portrait of the Danish-Norwegian artist couple Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, screened in the Berlinale Panorama in 2011.

FILMOGRAFIE Jannik Splidsboel (selection)

2015 Misfits  2013 Days in Maremma;  2011 How Are You  2008 Together  2005 Homies  2005 The Monster  2004 Louise & Papaya  2002 Codes – Makers and Breakers  2000 The Specialists 

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