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Untitled (Human Mask)

19 min.
Year of Production:
Production Company:
Anna Lena Films
Berlinale Section:
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Short Film

A macaque monkey, trained to work as a waitress at a restaurant in Japan, sits alone in a deserted dining hall. Waiting amid the dystopian setting for her moment to perform, the monkey seems trapped within her role, forced to enact the human condition.

BIOGRAFIE Pierre Huyghe

Pierre Huyghe studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In 2001, he represented France at the Venice Biennale, where his pavilion Le Château de Turing won a special jury prize. In 2006, Huyghe performed at the Whitney Biennale in New York, the reopening of the ARC/MAM Paris and the Tate Modern with his film A Journey That Wasn't. Huyghe's films and video installations repeatedly deal with the various levels of reality of films that manifest, for example, through synchronisation or through changes in the social context. In Huyghe's Dubbing, the observer experiences the actual film only mirrored in the subtitles and the reactions of the filmed viewers. Huyghe lives and works in Paris.

FILMOGRAFIE Pierre Huyghe (selection)

2014 Untitled (Human Mask)  2013 The Host and the Cloud  2008 Blanche Neige Lucie  2006 A Journey That Wasn't 

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