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Langer Langer Kuss

40 min.
Year of Production:
Nils Thalmann
Luisa Bocksnick
Michael Zittel
Christian Erdt
Katrin Filzen
Production Company:
University of Television and Film Munich
Berlinale Section:
Perspektive deutsches Kino
Berlinale Category:
Feature Film

Aaron is determined not to forget his ex-boyfriend Paul. He believes that the only way to preserve the memory of their caresses and kisses is to stop brushing his teeth. To him, all their emotions, all their touching and intimacies are stored in his teeth. His younger sister and flatmate Lina gently tries to persuade her brother to practice oral hygiene, but she is no longer able to get through to him. When Aaron and Lina’s authoritarian father comes to visit, the situation escalates and Aaron’s behaviour becomes dangerously self-destructive. Lukas Röder, a student of the HFF in Munich, addresses the topic of mental health in his touching chamber piece. Via the actors’intensely emotional performances and a second layer in which everyone involved reflects on their roles, behavioural patterns and ways of finding help are explored.

FILMOGRAFIE Lukas Röder (selection)

 Langer Langer Kuss 

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